Our doctors perform cataract surgery with the modern “no needle, no stitch” technique. In the past, anesthesia was accomplished with an injection of medicine behind the eye using a needle. Today, we use a combination of eye drops and sedatives to numb the eye, avoiding the use of needles. Our doctors also utilize an advanced technique during surgery to make small incisions that are designed to seal themselves. This procedure avoids the use of larger incisions and stitches during surgery.

Cataract surgery is really two surgeries in one, removal of the cataract and placement of an intraocular lens. The first part involves removing the cloudy lens of the eye. Using small incisions, ultrasonic technology is utilized to remove the lens. A clear lens capsule is left behind. After removal of the cataractous lens, a clear lens implant is inserted into the transparent lens capsule. The lens implant allows the eye to focus light onto the retina clearly.

Most patients experience a rapid improvement in vision following the modern “no needle, no stitch” surgical technique. Fast healing time, improved vision, and a quick return to a usual lifestyle have made this a valuable procedure for patients.

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Our doctors offer expert cataract treatment. Dr. Sputh explains cataract and treatment options in the video below.